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Darwin Smith II
Developer & Small Business Technology Consultant
  • Language(s): English, Go, Python, Java, Javascript, SQL
  • Location: Detroit, Michigan

Hello! I’m Darwin Smith II

I'm a back-end software engineer and small business technology consultant specializing in Golang, Web Applications, and DevOps. I'm a big supporter of Open Source software and make contributions where I'm able.

I have 14+ years of business leadership and technical support experience in various technological environments. Strong ability to troubleshoot complex issues and identify solutions to streamline processes while managing a team. Open to Senior-level software engineering, freelance and contract positions where I can demonstrate the following key strengths and areas of expertise highlighted below.

  • Golang
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Web Application
  • Small Business
  • DevOps
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Attention to Detail
  • Communication
  • Team Work
  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving
  • Style
Sr. Backend Engineer, Liquidity

Currently part of the Payments and Liquidity team at LeafLink, responsible for automated credit policy decisions, credit limit management, and credit risk monitoring. I am also responsible for the development of the company's event-driven microservice architecture based on Python Django and Flask running on Kubernetes in AWS. As well as the development of the company's internal data pipelines using Apache Airflow and Redshift.

As a senior member of the team my primary responsibilities include ensuring best practices and code quality, leading technical initiatives, and both product and cross-team collaboration.

Back-End Engineering Lead

Backend engineering lead at a small organization came with a wide variety of challenges and responsibilities from maintenance, debugging, reviews, planning, and design to client troubleshooting and PeopleOps.

Some major initiatives I lead were the migration to an event-driven architecture using Kafka, in place of many RESTful synchronous API calls, migrating multiple APIs requiring advanced search capability to Elasticsearch from Mongo, rewriting multiple legacy PHP-based APIs to Go, migrating all applications to Kubernetes, starting the transition to infrastructure as code (IaaC) using Terraform, and the development of a scalable Websocket API with both realtime filtering and historical search capability for News.

My DevOps responsibilities included managing all cloud infrastructure including Kubernetes clusters running on Digital Ocean, GCP GKE and AWS EKS, SQL & NoSQL databases, implementing alerting, monitoring and observability using Datadog, Prometheus and Grafana, promoting security using OpenVPN & Wireguard along with Cloudflare Access and improving overall systems reliability by using data from observability for both manual and automatic scaling along with some technical migrations such as moving to AWS RDS Aurora.

Back-End Software Engineer

Responsible for creating and maintaining a variety of back-end services to power the delivery of financial news and market data through a variety of outlets.

Para Services, Inc.
Back-End Software Engineer

Built a micro-service based platform using Go, Postgres, and Kong on Kubernetes in Google Cloud Platform to meet scalability and efficiency goals for a Healthcare staffing startup.

Lakeshore Tech Services

Web and software development, network design, setup, & management, and small business solutions consulting. Specialize in small-business technology solutions including communication, inventory, sales, human resources, networking and healthcare solutions.

Tools & Detailed Experience
Small Business Consulting

I have more than a decade of experience assisting small businesses with technology needs including Point-of-sale, networking, hardware, software solutions, training and more.

Web Applications

I have created web applications for a variety of clients using backends in Python, Express.js, and Golang. React and Vue.js single-page applications (SPAs) and server-side rendered.

Golang Logo
Golang Development

Specializing in Go development including serverless, API backend, command-line (CLI), and full-stack web applications. I have experience building applications of many types in Go from small-projects to full-scale production applications from monolith to microservices.


Years of DevOps experience from basic infrastructure management to platform automation, including security, scripting, and task automation, as well as building custom tooling and solutions to reduce labor spent on repetitive tasks including continuous deployment (CD), continuous integration (CI) and testing.


I have experience using Docker including both Kubernetes (k8s) and Docker Swarm for containerized application distribution and infrastructure management. From custom Docker image builds to distributed applications and database deployments.

Software Development

Whether you need a simple API connector or a full application with several complementary microservices and queued workloads, I'm certain I can help you meet your design criteria.

Oakland Community College
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Studies in Business and Software Development to meet degree requirements for Wayne State University.

Coding Dojo
Seattle, WA

Full-Stack Immersive Web Development program focused on Python and MEAN stack application development. Opportunities to work on team projects and meet deadlines greatly improved previously self-taught skills.

Hashify.net Project Screenshot
Web Applications

Hashify is a basic web application and public-accessible hashing API to generate hash digests of plain-text input or small file input to various output encodings such as hex, base32, and base64.

goSecretBoxPassword code screenshot

A probably paranoid Golang utility library for securely hashing and encrypting passwords based on the Dropbox method.

goArgonPass screenshot

goArgonPass is a Argon2 Password utility package for Go using the crypto library package Argon2.

pwCheck screenshot

pwCheck is a Golang utility package that gives password strength and verifies passphrase has not been compromised in a previous breach using the https://haveibeenpwned.com API.

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